living with passion

(I am a Scorpio afterall)


My unique upbringing taking place on a 22-acre farm, situated in the middle of a blooming suburban city, instilled an amazing sense of wanderlust inside of me. I would get lost in my imagination and surrounds; roaming around our property for hours. I tribute my fortunate childhood to a better understanding of the essence of a place.

My love for travel, nature, and people is what fuels my career with focus and passion.  I whole heartedly believe there is a vast amount of knowledge that we can learn from one another globally. I hope that I am able to share my experiences of life and the world through my photographs, while instilling a sense of curiosity about the world within my audience. 

My work is story and mood driven. Being passionate, animated, and having eccentric sense of humor; I love to collaborate with my team in order to make sure my clients leave with results that are nothing less than amazing. When not shooting with a client, I continue to work on personal projects in order to liberate and feed my creativity.


My clients are an eclectic group. One of my favorite aspects of being a visual creator is working alongside businesses and individuals to create visual imagery that better enhances and promotes who they are.

Creating strong visuals and narrative is the best way to connect your brand and compel your audience; taking your audience on a journey through images, text, video, and interactive conversation.  Working together, we will create compelling imagery that showcases your brands service, product, or unique trait.

Golden Fox Studios is a full service photography and videography studio based in Boston, serving clients nationally.