Hera Sport : Boston Fashion Photography

Sports + Fashion!? Yes, please! This past summer I teamed up with founder of Hera Sport, Liz Vagianos, to create some fun imagery to showcase trendy styles while attending a [Red Sox] baseball game! Who says you can’t love sports and still have passion for fashion?

Created for women by women, Hera Sport is an online community dedicated to entertaining, engaging, and informing female fans of professional sports. They cover why to be a fan as well as how to be a fan, inviting all women to join their team who love watching the game and love doing it with style.

I can personally say, there have been countless times where I’ve had tickets to a sports game and I instantly feel overwhelmed with the thought of “what do I wear!?” I always felt a little silly attending a game not wearing typical sports gear but now thanks to Hera Sport I’ve learned some great ways of incorporating my favorite teams gear but still looking fashionable!  Go team!









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