Love What You Do

I get asked quite often why I like being a photographer or why I choose to be one.  Well, this shoot explains some of the reasons why I love doing what I do!  A few weeks ago I traveled back home to Cincinnati, Ohio arriving just in time to see my best friend give birth to her first son, Blake.

The moment I opened the door to her hospital room and saw her there holding him I lost it. We both looked at each other with happy tears in our eyes and giggled as we both cried.  It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced– To see my best friend transform into a mother overnight (for me) and able to capture some of those moments on camera was just beautiful.  It isn’t too often anymore that Amber and I get to see each other, before this it had been about 18-months if not longer! With her living in Washington state with her husband and me living here in Boston…well you get the idea. We’re on the complete opposite sides of the country most of the time!

Going back to that first question, this is why I LOVE being a photographer.  I love living in the moments and preserving precious memories.  My camera is the VIP pass into landmark moments in peoples lives (well the ones I’m invited to).

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, helping to create and capture their beautiful moments.

This is why I LOVE being a photographer!!

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