Rose AlRedha “Queen of Light” Collection : Boston Fashion Photographer

One of my favorite things about being an artist is collaborating with other open-minded talented creatives to produce beautiful works that embody everyone’s talents. This past summer, I teamed up with an amazing group of industry professionals to photograph the latest collection of bridal and fashion Designer Rose AlRedha.

Once arriving on-set, everyone’s ideas clicked and came together flawlessly. Working on-location isn’t always the simplest task, often than not, being challenged by all of mother natures elements. Extremely talented hair stylist, Megan Anderson, created gorgeous textured twist updo’s with no hot tools!

Team of Creatives:

Fashion Designer: Rose AlRedha / Make-Up Artist: Haley Navarro / Hair Stylist: Megan Anderson / Models: Jocelyn KelleyJolene NicoleRodica OjogMaddy Wooding / Location: Larz Anderson Park




From the designer… “This collection envisions a tale of a young avant-garde women as she blooms through the festivities of her wedding to a gorgeous bride. The collection highlights the nature of the events and there importance in a woman’s life. The wedding night is the pinnacle of a woman’s life and it reflects her dreams of a pure magical love. The theme, Queen of Light, ties all the elements into a unified concept; making the bride as the source of beauty, joy and love through the key events. The collection frames the bride in her wedding as an uncompromising fashionista with a taste for luxury and elegance.”